Early in the project one
of the wings takes shape
Wenatchee Mayor
Dennis Johnson, East
Wenatchee Mayor Steve
Lacy toast with
Shigeyoshi Suzuki,
Mayor of Misawa City
to 20th year as sister
Spirit of Wenatchee
About Us
Building the Miss Veedol
The Miss Veedol was built over a period of 4 plus years by  EAA chapter 424, together with
many other pilots and aviation enthusiast including our friends in Japan whom all did a part to
bring our dream to life. With major funding from Kas and associates Tokyo Japan, the City of
Masawa Japan, and the Wenatchee and East Wenatchee communities with out which the
project would not have been possible. We now push forward to complete the journey flying
the Miss Veedol around the world to Masawa and home across the largest ocean in the world.
Sister City's Wenatchee, East Wenatchee Washington and Masawa Japan
These once foreign City's spread by the seemingly impassable Pacific Ocean were united by
one flight on a cold October morning in 1931. The Miss Veedol leaving Sabishiro Beach in
Masawa Japan October 2nd and landing 41 hours and 15 minutes later in East Wenatchee
Now celebrated as sister City's representatives from both City's make regular visits to share
cultures held apart by the 5,500 mile wide Pacific.

Reproduced below is a brief geographical view of the area.
1. Location:  
Misawa City is located in the northernmost part of the main island of Japan, southern Aomori
Prefecture, about 600 kilometers (about 400 miles) north of Tokyo. It is situated at 141.22E
and 40.34N. Its total land area is 102.76 square kilometers and it is 57 meters above seal
2. Population:
43,583 (As of March 31, 2001)

3. Industry:

The industry of Misawa City is mainly agriculture and fishing. However, there are several
noted factories in the city, such as "Andes Denki Co., Ltd." and "Sumintomo Chemical Co.,
Ltd.". Andes Denki Co., Ltd. manufactures a variable condenser for radio parts with 140
employees and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. manufactures agricultural chemicals with 150
employees, which is proud of its gross productions as the top in Japan.


Sabishiro Beach in the city is famous as the take-off point of the "Miss Veedol," which
succeeded in the first Trans-Pacific Non-Stop Flight by two American aviators 74 years ago
in 1931.
About Misawa