Spirit of Wenatchee
The Miss Veedol has flown to many air shows including Oshkosh Air Venture, and participated in the
prestigious National Air Tour. In 2005 she flew a 6000 mile journey to celebrate Erroll Boyd's first Atlantic
crossing from Newfoundland . Here are just a few pictures of our adventures so far in our quest to
bring history back to life.
Over the mid West in the
National Air Tour 2003
Miss Veedol takes on fuel in
front of a crowd during the
National Air Tour
Arnie Clarke and Dave Stadler
are greeted with cheers after
the first flight. Arnie (near) is
wearing Hugh Herndon Jrs
original flight jacket brought
for the occasion by Hugh
Herndon the 4th a surviving
great  grandson of Hugh Jr.
Passing the Kittyhawk Wright
Brothers monument during
EAA Air race Kittyhawk to
Oskosh Air Venture 2003
Photo Gallery 1
Hugh Herndon the 4th great
grandson of Hugh Jr.
Displays an original flight
jacket worn buy Hugh Jr.
prior to the Miss Veedols
first flight.
Arnie Clarke chief pilot (left)
and Jack Roberts a
descendant of the Pangborn
family load up during the air
Miss Veedol trip to McMinnville
Evergreen antique fly in visits
the awesome Hughs Hercules
(Spruce Goose).
The Miss Veedol is a crowd
favorite at every air show
she attends. Here curious
enthusiasts stand in awe at
the near 800 gallon fuel
capacity she boasts.
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Miss Veedol trip to Oshkosh
Air Venture she shared Aero
Shell square with good
company like the Hughs H-1
racer replica shown here.
Also next to the Miss
Veedol in Oshkosh is the
Ryan Spirit of St. Louis
Miss Veedol is a big hit in
Oshkosh most had never
heard of her or her crew
even though she flew near
twice the non-stop distance
of the plane to the right just
four years later.
The original National Air Tour
was done to draw attention to
aviation and show the public
aircraft really are safe.
Early in the building phase
the crew could not wait for
her to start looking like an
airplane. The fuselage here
is only the rusty one brought
from an Alaska swamp we
used to make the jig.
Together to test fit is the
new fuselage for the first
time in late summer 2002.
It would be just 7 months
more before she flew in
May 2003.
Little Miss Veedol
A flying scale model was built
from scratch like her big sister.
Built by Bob Heikell of Moses
Lake Wa. she is 25% scale with
a 150" wing span, weight 41lb,
and powered by a 4.75 HP
Trip to Newfoundland
in fall of 2005 included
a stop at Toronto
Toronto airport
Chief pilot Arnie Clarke studies
the check list on the trip East to
Pilot Steve Joy left seat and
Arnie enjoy cruse attitude.
Toronto images above
and left by Eric Dumigan