What is a J-300 Special?
In 1931 Bellanca Aircraft Corp.
had the Sky Rocket and the
Pacemaker aircraft in production.
The J-300 is a high bred between
the two designed with one thing in
mind range. Pangborn himself
had the Veedol custom
manufactured to suite his needs
for long range. Added to this
aircraft is four feet to the wing
span to help lift the near 6,000 lb
fuel load, two times its own 3,000
lb gross weight.
A stock Bellanca of the same era
is much slimmer with out the belly
and chin fuel tanks.
Spirit of Wenatchee
Miss Veedol statistics (replica)
Bellanca J-300 Special

Make: Bellanca (replica).

Model:  J-300 Long Distance Special .

Year: 1930

Engine: Pratt & Whitney 985-14B Radial with engine driven turbo charger

Horse power: 450

Propeller: Hamilton Standard 108" variable pitch.

Cruising speed: 110 Knots 1700 RPM.

Take off distance: Full fuel load unknown.

Fuel capacity: 763 US gallons.

Fuel system: 8 fuel tanks total.
Wing tanks 4 capacity  216 gallons.
Fuselage main deck tanks 2 capacity 200 gallon forward 150 gallon aft.
Belly  tank 1 capacity 160  gallons.
Chin tank 1 capacity 37 gallons.

Emergency fuel dump: 2 Valves 6" main deck tanks.

Fuel consumption:  17 GPH calculated average to include time to climb.

Range: 45-50 hours 5,000 plus miles (estimate)

Weight: 3,180 empty, 8,139 full fuel

Wings: Span 49'9" feet, area 380 square feet, cord 79"

Length:  27'9"

Height: 8'6"

Avionics: Modern, IFR equipped, centered by two Garmin GNS 430 GPS NAV
COMM units, VOR, glide slope, heated pitot tube to name a few.