9 PUBG tips to stay alive and win a grand victory

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The real recommendations and advice of IRGE PUBG will definitely help you to resist for a long time, and then the first collision on the Playerunknown battlefield. It’s not easy not to pay attention to simple theories, and if the sniper bullets always have the ability to split your brain hemispheres, execution is really considered textbook.

You need to understand the characteristics of this special game. Learn to encounter, get the best loot, and apply it to overcome all the hardships between other players and the approaching energy walls. Guns, strategies, map recognition, important objects, which hats are mixed with which vest, all of them will definitely be superior to the right shooting. In fact, no matter what you find, we definitely have a certain number of PUBG recommendations that you will definitely shoot, kidnap, and eat with chicken.

1. Don’t be afraid to hide out in the blue early on

If you want to survive, the profit and loss account may not have the best thoughts, but this wound may be a profit and loss account. If you hide in the end of the blue circle, you will receive a small loss, but no one will wait for it to stay there. If the possibility of healing is high, you can stay there for a long time and ignore the skirmish. Also, it seems that you can get a certain number of kills for you to the defenseless opponent. But every time you observe your well, you come around.

2. Terrain can be just as good cover as any building or wall

In buildings, survival is common, especially if you can close a single entrance, but they have high risk. The wel l-abandoned lemon has a chance to wait at the exit if you immediately end your execution and understand that you are actually there. If you’re looking for a bad space to endure a certain amount of time, ask the bore to look for a ridge, shelves, and hills so that the enemy does not get into you. This is a reliable hideaway with the best evaluation than the building, and is more important to escape.

3. ALWAYS take a level three helmet.

If you want to win, you need a good helmet and body armor, as a result, you will take the highest value ammunition every time when you are looted with untouched equipment. But then, if you find the third meaningful ammunition for those who killed you, it is not easy to understand and may have something to be arrested. The continuous rules here are very simple. It is about taking a helmet of the third meaning every time, including whether it is close to annihilation. The third helmet will help you from the M24 shooting every time, which is worth it. As a result, it sacrifice almost every time.

4. . but sometimes leave a level three vest

The best is slightly different from the helmet of the practicalization project, but every time it is an intact tertiary. The best Tightness than the highest value. For example, in fact, how long will the absolute welby swing bite wither, for example, more than on e-quarter of the third Welbying, for a long time? When it comes to the last person, it has the ability to freeze in the difference between victory and loss, as it blocks the maximum damage from the first hit three times, for example, the first hit.

5. Play the edge of the circle

If you enter the latter half of the game, all strategies will appear. Among them, it is undoubtedly overcoming the hardships to perform in the circle edge and run backwards. Finding an edge means that the area you need to think for yourself is firmly restricted. You can understand that the huge percentage is actually behind you, and it is definitely-civilization, as a result, that it is actually in front of you. When you are in the middle, you have to observe everything, but this is a difficult task.

6. Keep yourself boosted up late game

Even if you are a completely healthy person, if you are only 15 or among those people, you will need to start taking energy and painkillers, receive freshness, and restart well. For this reason, there is a certain number of basis, for example, you do not need to worry about the late IRGE battle, and the signs of the recovery of well-being are the closest to you. There is a possibility that you have the potential to acquire. Either way, if you have them, for example, how important it is, for example, will be a footprint to start applying them. Do I need anesthesia for chicken dinner?

7. Hiding in bushes works surprisingly well

It seems reckless, but in fact, the secrecy in the bush is quite high. If you’re sitting in a bush, you might even be surprised when someone shoots you after they’ve leaked past you. Bushes don’t provide reliable shelter, but if no one sees you, no one will shoot you, and if you don’t shoot anyone, you won’t die. But in most cases, before data, it’s worth removing any colorful clothes that belong to you.

8. Grass is not visible after a while so don’t hide in it

Faithful sights and attractions, you can see a few hundred meters in his PUBG, but it’s actually pretty basic, the grass stops him being around the level of 200 metersThere is nothing to do. This means that if someone decides to lie down, they have a chance to think, and in fact it is fully covered, but those who are more than 200 meters away arehave every chance. It is safer to look for a solid shelter such as a tree or a wall than lying in the grass. This also basically means falling to the ground in the background when you hear gunshots, a horrible idea. Elementary quickly escapes to the shelter.

9. Pick. Your. Battles

Everyone wants him to be the kind of guy who wins with 20 kills, but that’s unlikely (Shroud or Dr Begrespect, who gets more kills at once than most players at night). Aside from his two PUBG-streamers). As a result, you will have to choose your battles yourself in order to survive. However, it doesn’t mean you have to fight every fight, only choose fights that you know you can actually win. If you spot someone with the absolute armor of AWM and third sense, it’s assumed that you shouldn’t approach them friendly. But when you find someone who has his AR at 4x speed but he only has one shotgun, you should deal with it.

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