A Fortnite Guide to Better Building and Editing with FNCS Champion Mero


Building and editing are two heavy experiences to master if you want to win more often and rank higher in competitive Fortnite, accompanied by Dignitas Fortnite Player and 5-time FNCS favorite Matthew ‘Mero’ Fatel.

First we practice autonomously.

If you are struggling to win builds or want to work on improving, the best way to improve your performance is to eliminate island struggles. However, it does not hurt to take a step back so that you can be two steps ahead, as playing against real players will give you an idea of what you need to do when you fight.

A good way to do this is to move to creative mode and practice first. In creative mode, you can focus on specific weaknesses that need improvement. Construction methods, editing, speed, etc.D. It remains great to practice along with other things, such as your own awareness of this one-millimeter duel. Still many cards available to try it out.

Two card codes of 9368-1814-9691 and 0377-0055-2829 are shown below. Of course, you do not want to spend all your time in creative mode, as you do not plan to perform in a controlled environment during a real fight. So better to play a few battle royale matches so you can practice in a real fight!

I think creative is the best game mode. Other than scouting, creative maps could help scale where you can focus on improving without getting destroyed. After a while you can play solo on this and move what you have learned to the real game.

– Melo.

Learn some ways to build

Fortnite building has evolved considerably since the game’s release. The old days were long ago and have improved because some of this research is in their own sense. There are many numbers to explore and each has some problems with this. Starting with the base, the intermediaries, the advanced ones, and then exhausting the three. As I said before, practicing them in a creative way will make it much easier for you, and don’t he to learn others or adjust at your own discretion.

The 90’s are base.

First and most famous in the 90s, this method became known for its simplicity and performance. They are used for quick builds that rotate 90 degrees in any direction. This is how they got their name. First, the candelabra must be placed, then the walls must be placed in front of it. Next, place the walls to the left or right, depending on what you like. And finally, jump and place the floor and another ramp, and the process goes back to step 1. there are options for the 90’s, but this is the easiest and sharpest placement method.

Dodge – Intermediate Level

This is a little more difficult, but not the least bit less useful. Remember that if the player has the roof over his head, thus facing the opposite direction, he must jump off the roof to the side and land on the ground. This way the individual can maintain momentum and borrow height. This move works well because it is abrupt for most players.

Fading – Elevation.

This requires a quick movement and a little time. There are various types of fading from beginner to advanced, the latter being quieter. Fading is when you want to enter an enemy’s box and take them down. Depending on what you want to control, you will need to apply cones, ramps, or mounts. If you are ready to learn, I suggest you watch this Jeevan TV video.

I think learning to move people’s boxes in stages is a really necessary technique because it is one of the most advanced tricks. Its not easy to do, but very cool to learn.

– Melo.


As for options, focus on what you like. I would suggest that your affection and button combination remain what you like. Everyone plays and thinks from their own point of view, so we will arrange them according to your own preferences. However, remember to set and edit your own keys where you are comfortable, as you will be using them frequently.

Find the affection that works best for you and don’t copy others – this is probably the best advice I can give, as there are many players who copy the affection of others. It all comes down to preference.

– Melo.

Scrolling to the building area, you will find a couple of options: the first is to deselect the building, which I still prefer; 2: Turn off the Prepare operation, if you are not already in the building area; 3: Turn off the Preparation operation, if you are not already in the building area, which I still prefer. For example, disable it during combat, as it can frustrate gameplay; 3: Turbo-Build, if not yet connected; 4: Release, if not yet connected; 5: Release, if not yet connected; 6: Release, if not yet connected; 7: Release, if not yet connected. Final: Approve the operation in case of release. Again a good thing, but the majority of experts, including playful cinema, turn it off.

Editing team

Editing has the potential to be a little awful at the start of the introduction, but is quite great for research. Use editing to nourish your enemies, move them to convenient areas, and not mess up your build. I have already completed creative mode but make sure you practice there first.

Walls are very complex and can be edited in many different ways. I will concentrate on those who will be more necessary for you. Windows and triangles are way more applicable.

For example, the floor is not bad for movement and shooting because you can edit and arrange openings.

Editing the chan is not bad to arrange obstacles between you and the enemies of the occupation you are used to step by step. Moving the ramp position is still great for full coverage in viewpoint.

Editing cones for maneuverability from the profession is good. They act as a trap for your opponents during a push and as cover for you during a push.

Remember that if you edit more and more you will be faster but this can be frustrating. Start slow and explore the initial composition. The better you get, the faster and faster you can place it.

Fast is great because it works better for editing. Of course, only practice is needed and you will need to work on it slowly at first, but muscle memory is all you need.

– Melo.


Building and editing is what distinguishes Fortnite from other battle royale games. It brings his benefits to every player. Regardless of the fact that it may be a bit discouraging, it will definitely help you explore some methods and fine tune your options to better your own skills.

It is all about believing and if you can guide yourself to be the best version of yourself.

– Melo.

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