All the best graphics settings to raise your FPS in Dota 2

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The graphic option double test is the most effective way to increase FPS in dota 2.

Dota 2 is a beautiful game, but since data such as crazy Lasso and Immortal is filled with particles, there is a chance to do your best at absolute speed. This problem is comforted by a huge ultimate, such as a black hole or Goku command. Fortunately, for players with lo w-class computers, dota 2 can actually start with low options if you understand which options should be applied.

But to get the best reaction from your car, you don’t have to install all sliders in low options. This IRG has a graphic function that affects performance. These are a certain number of recommendations to increase which graphic options are at the foot of reducing the number of dota 2 FPs.

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The best graphics settings for Dota 2 FPS

Press the gear icon at the top left of the header screen to open the setting diet. Go to the fourth “Video” tab on the left. Most of the options that affect the performance are in the “Render” section on the right. The main options can set all other features to give performance and graphics value. But if you include a low default option, your Dota 2 FPS will not increase to its ultimate possibility. How to go to everything else to set other things.

Select the extension options and disable all the functions indicated in the symbol immediately. Anyway, if you want to rescue the credibility of the graphics, the rise in FPS, “grass”, “whirlpool”, “smoothing”, and “mirroring” are the most effective. By disabling the Hig h-Quality Water function, it has the potential to be even better for middl e-priced players.

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The quality of textures, effects, and shadows can be quickly reduced, but in the right section, the minimum parameters are not overcome by default. The rendering quality of the game screen determines how the game looks clear at any time. When introducing some of the possibilities, some of the heroes of this IRGE have an unusual appearance, which is important to improve the productivity of weak cars.

Tips to raise FPS in Dota 2

Dota 2 players may be very surprised to know how severe API rendering has the ability to perform performance. Direct3d 11 is not bad by default, but almost all systems have a chance to win from the transition to Vulkan. In fact, the function is in advance

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