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Confirming that you actually have one of the best tools in PUBG Mobile is one of the best things you can manage to get all of those important lunch chickens. We will tell you about the best weapons so that you are not involved in trouble.

The PUBG Mobile has been in the fifth year, and almost everything has been adjusted since I first arrived at Erangel.

However, even if you receive a chicken dinner regularly in the 20th year, you will not actually enter the game and win again. Nothing is more than this Irouge gun that is changed, frequently refilled, improved, and deteriorates.

Therefore, the autonomy of this, whether you will be regarded as a fresh or return player, will be great for you, becoming the best in PUBG Mobile in 2023.

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PUBG Mobile – Best Weapons

Before you leave to select the best gun, you need to know the IRGE and different classes of weapons in their roles.

Of course, it is superior to make you a calm machine gun to make the monster flutter, but if you like dodging, you will approach and shoot him from the rifle rather than the other noble given in advance.。

So, with the account talking, PUBG Mobile has nine categories of weapons, two of which are guns from close combat and crossbo w-the best gun list, we are the best. I decided to ignore the tool.

This means we actually see the best revolver, submachine gun, assault rifle, light machine gun, shotgun rifle and sniper rifle for wel l-targeted shooting.

We are considering all these rifles-classes, but one of them is the best pistol, as we intend to list the best appearance of the pistol in this IRGE autonomous in the class. It does not mean being presented in our list.

Let’s look for it

10) M1014

image 9
image 9

Celfload shotgun, a private version of Benelli M4 Super 90. Using a 1 2-gauge cartridge, the range can be wiped out with a range of 50m, two shots can be wiped out, and the basic damage is greatly higher than S12K.

More than that, it surpasses S12K in all aspects, such as bullet speed, penetration, and launch speed. The drawback of the M1014 is that it is possible to introduce equipment that is not very suspended: Players have a good chance to introduce only boards and bullet loops. But to be honest, the shotgun is a shotgun, and in the basics, this is wonderful.

However, it shows that it can only be used in Ribik.

9) Micro UZI

image 10
image 10

UZI SMG includes the highest launch speed and a relatively large shop, in many ways, with the most rising on e-second loss of all guns in this Irouge.

It is not enough to have.

Fortunately, you can carry UZI, function as a suppler, increase the capacity of the shop, and create a better response, you are a wide range of skills for options. I have.

This tool is available on all the maps of the game.

8) Mosin Nagant / Karabiner 98 Kurz

image 11
image 11

These two snipers have monotone characteristics like Russia and other Germany, and as a result, there is no effect, models and sounds are not counted during shooting. Both cause major damage, but shooting on one head has the ability to freeze with a murderous blow. In both cases, there is a possibility of using a 7, 62 mm caliber cartridge and using a monotone suspension device.

Of course, they shoot slowly thanks to their own bolt mechanics, but this is an arbitrary task if you decide to be carried with them, so that your play style will be tilted in a distance. You should not freeze. However, don’t forget to introduce a certain face, such as CQBSS eight times.

7) AKM

AKM is extremely powerful among the assault rifles, and if you get a professional hand-a really scary gun. He has the ability to put the flame of units and performances, and makes great damage with the skill of a skilled player who learned to control the gun reaction at the highest launch speed.

Make sure you have actually purchased a muzzle compen sweater twice or three times the value of the virtue optical site and make it perfect.

6) AUG

AUG A3 is one of the most perfect tools in this IRGE, and the huge capacity and lo w-recoil of the shop are minor shooting, and the loss is the best in your class. Bullet spray should be a little in fact, but because the speed of bullets is high, the bullet falls, which actually means that it is more expensive, aiming to be higher. If you use another assault rifle, more.

The only main aug-defect is the reload speed, and as a result, make sure you have Frisky or Expansion Frisky. Keep in mind that the auga is only available on the premises.

5) AWM

image 12
image 12

AW M-Two snipers (or the third, I think) in this list, and it is considered the best in this IRGE. AWM or Accurate International Arctic Battle Magnum can only be fulfilled by landing units, which are many impressive bolt snipers as you can hear.

If this gun is shot, it will literally be literal, but you have to answer correctly. The reload and r e-loading of the weapon are small, as a result, if you do not doubt your eyesight, you will take it. if? Please incorporate it into the line.

Naturally, you need a huge optical site for your weapon, and you need a slender shop or a suppler.

4) P90

image 13
image 13

Another Rivic dedicated tool is P90. For this hig h-speed SMG, Ve of the highest peak

Thanks to the 9mm caliber cartridge, you will not encounter the work to find ammunition, and you will not literally feel the return.

In contrast to SMG, which is close to UZI and Vector, the P90 can use a site four times and six times that of him, allowing great elasticity to the background of the battle.

3) UMP45

image 14
image 14

The only SMG exceeding P90 is UMP45. This very versatile SMG has the ability to support various suspension devices, and players have many opportunities to set up guns that match their business.

If it is damaged, it is inferior to SM G-class Tomm y-weapons, which is much less than 20, 000 races. With the introduction of the fore end, the return will decrease further, and you will get a highly measured gun with the best damage and mobility.

By adding an exhaust or competition sweater according to your preference, this revolver can fascinate you with all of this IRGE PUBG Mobile.

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2) DP-28

image 15
image 15

This has the ability to raise abnormal elections, but D P-28 is not the most aesthetic gun, which is quite effective. The lightweight machine gun DP-28, which is low-efficient and the highest damage, is suitable for cleaning the property, has the opportunity to introduce a aim, and has two legs to apply it in short, medium and long distances. It can be applied.

Clean the room? Click to start shooting and do not stop. Want to destroy distant people? Witch and bipod extend and dive the site. The work is now complete.

1) M416

image 16
image 16

Can you take the first place with other guns? Not absolute. M416 is PUBG. This universal assault pistol is quite effective for all people in short, medium, and lon g-distance duel.

Hyp o-recoil, increased loss, customizable for your business, and the host of the suspension device is a PUBG mobile without complaints.

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