Best PUBG Mobile guns: M416, AWM, UMP45, SLR, and more

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PUBG Mobile has appeared in the latter half of 2017 and has been reigning a few years since its release. She created a flow of the battle royal genre. More, she still invites beginners. If you were addicted to PUBG a while ago, you’ve probably noticed that the number of latest versions of weapons is quite large.

If you are still experimenting with the desired list, we are compiling the best weapons list for beginners, especially for beginners. Let’s take a look below.

  • List of the best assault rifle in PUBG
  • Introducing the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile.
  • Gun (DMR) for shooting and shooting
  • Introducing the best submachine gun (SMG) in PUBG.
  • The best shotgun on PUBG Mobile
  • Light machine gun
  • The best weapon in PUBG

List of the best assault rifles in PUBG

Assault rifles are often mentioned as the most important tools in shooting games. It is usually considered the most important first tool for most PUBG players. However, in this game, the entire range of assault rifles with various functions is invited. Remember that PUBG’s gun statistics have the ability to be updated frequently and have trivial, but remarkable changes.

Here is one tool that is different from others.

1. M416

image 50

The M416 is considered to be the most important tool for many professional PUBG players to guarantee almost perfect balance between damage (40 points) and return. The statistics of PUBG guns are quite accurate, and these statistics contribute to the M416.

This gun covers not only lon g-yen shops but also all kinds of aiming devices and is still quite compatible with various devices. In combination with this weapon, it is possible to introduce a tool, which is important for reducing the reaction, improving the accuracy of shooting.

The M416 has a very effective ability to shoot at a mediu m-distance battle, and uses a very effective ability for shooting at long distances with four faces. For example, if you don’t forget to consider the decrease in bullets, and if the shooting rate increases, the instrument may become unstable at such long distances.

2. Beryl M762

image 51

If the enemy shoots a short range with the BRYL M762, you will be scooped up your feet. This assault pistol contains a large bass loss (44), which only reduces its accuracy for its best efficiency.

You can use this plus after that, as you equip a pistol with a different bat and hand grip. The reduction of the recoil aligns the revolver and reduces the scattering of the bullet. If you combine it with a submachine gun, it will be a pistol that exhibits excellent shooting performance at close and medium distances.

3. Groza

image 52

Thunderstorm is a very underestimated gun on PUBG Mobile. With the highest basic damage (47) of the assault rifle category and a less return than other pistols, this revolver can be appropriate. This IRGE is easier than other assault rifles. Thanks to you for you, for example, there is no waste weight to delay you, for example, as if you remove a gun with a holster, it will be easier to enter a non-modest space.

Again, the nuance of “thunderstorm” is rather a pace of gunfight. Thanks to the low bullet scattering and the small return, even a more ai r-tempered opponent can overcome it with another shot. Thunderstorms are hard to find when searching for production during the game. But if you find it, you can’t doubt that this is a reliable gun.

4. AKM

image 53

AKM is one of the strongest weapons in PUBG. Including an increased basic loss (47), it may be even more fatal if it is applied in a combination of optical aimer and the best handle. AKM is also considered to be one of the most popular guns discovered in this IRGE, and in fact, most of the enemies can find and use this revolver, so you are even more unprofitable (as a player). become.

AKM has a large basic loss, so it is suitable for use as an assault rifle from exposure in a long distance in combination with an optical aim. If you combine it with 6 sites, you can make a substitute for a sniper debast.

5. M16A4

image 54

The M16A4 shows you yourself, especially when shooting at a long distance after installing 4X or 6X sites. The revolver guarantees two shooting points. The first is a shooting mode that sends a bullet series without damage to the power supply. 2-Mode- This is a single-shot mode, ideal for shooting at a long distance.

The number of suspension devices for this weapon, for example, is not great, but M16A4 is still a reliable classic for other pistols. The power often makes up for the trivial shortcomings.

Top sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile

Sniper is a shooter tool, so likes and dislikes are divided. If you play PUBG for sniping, you need to apply your personal game-manners properly.

It doesn’t mean that entering the room or cleaning the opponent’s floor in search of prey is intended. It is necessary to show patience, control all possible enemies that threaten you and your unit, and quickly deal with it in the distance.

Here are the best sniper rifles in this IRGE.

6. AWM

image 55

AWM is definitely the best sniper gun in this IRGE. Because it is very powerful (basic loss 107), the shot to the corps becomes a raid

Contains fresh PUBG guns does not have the ability to compare with this gun. Do not apply this gun at a short distance, for example, there is not enough speed to kill your opponent in this short distance.

8 Use it in combination with an optical aiming device so that you do not attend the mechanism of the bullet trap. If you get used to it, you can freeze the unonforced shooter. You need to be careful in the highest period of reload, for example, in the environment, for example, in the environment, as it has the potential to freeze with malfunction. In order to get out of the difficult atmosphere in the near quarter, we hold the minimum gun as an extra.

7. M24

image 56

Professional PUBG players understand the KAR98K sniper rifle. It includes considerable loss (75) and is quite reliable. The M24 is an improved version of the KAR98K, which has a lot of damage, has a wide range of shooting, and does not hurry the reload.

Despite the bol t-loading system, this revolver is quite fast and has the ability to use it in medium and short range in the optimal atmosphere. If you find this revolver during or opened the enemy, don’t be afraid to change another revolver.

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR)

Designated Marksman Rifless is a synthesis of assault rifle and sniper rifle. But when they try to combine one of the best categories, DMR is often quite complicated. If you are a newcomer, we recommend that you play a certain number of games with DMR first.

You can get a better reload time and higher shooting tempo than a sniper rifle. Apart from this, it is the best power than the assault rifle, especially at long distances. However, DMR is not quite large in the shop size. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify when shooting.

Here are a certain number of PMRs to be applied in this IRGE.

8. Mk14

image 57

MK14 is a very rare gun that can only be obtained by this IRGE with support for weightless drop. Therefore, when calling out to this tool, you need to be alert and go for the enemy.

This gun increases the basic los s-61 points. However, the unified defect is determined that the base clip does not have more than 10 rounds. Increasing the loss means that one shot can hardly hurt the enemy. However, for this, it is necessary to make it clear.

If you are completely new to use the MK14, I recommend finding and applying the extension code of the store to give you 20 rounds in one store.

MK14 is still stable and corrects the reaction perfectly. The extension code of the shop is still effective for assault rifles. Last but not least, this revolver is not recommended for shooting at close range.

9. Mini 14

image 58

The Mini 14 is a rather universal pistol that works perfectly in any atmosphere. With the highest rate of fire, this pistol can be used at close and medium range. Apart from that, this pistol offers a certain number of shooting modes.

Single flash mode becomes more important for long range shooting when used with a 6x or 8x optical sight. This he has the ability to freeze a good replacement if he fails to find a dedicated sniper rifle in the IRGE.

The base loss makes 46 points and in fact it sets it up in one of the average rifles to use with this IRGE. As a result, though, you can’t actually plan to kill an enemy with one shot from the Mini-14, but you can’t doubt that in practice its versatility works in your favor.

10. SLR

image 59

SLR – Since our gun enthusiasts in this Irge. Basic losses actually make 56 units, which is enough to seriously damage the enemy. It’s the most efficient, so you’ll get used to it if you use it to some extent. Bullets are faster and can literally hit enemies with ease.

Use this revolver for medium to long range shooting. For example, there is no need to apply so many additional devices for a SLR, as normal conditions for this will be enough to capture this elusive chicken dinner.

Best Submachine guns (SMG) in PUBG

Pistol machine guns are used more as secondary firearms than all other guns, they shoot at close range and are very effective at clearing floors filled with opponents. It is easy to carry and does not affect the authority of handbags. Apart from this, it’s just a matter of tuning. After they have been trained to some extent, they can be commissioned into medium-sized battles.

PUBG has seven Subchanes submarines: here they are.

11. UZI

image 60

The majority of people are least interested in Uzi and don’t want them for big guns in-game, but Uzi’s usefulness is irrefutable. The small form factor is thought to be a plus when being pincered by an enemy from inside a structure. It can be applied freely, such as how to not slow down the reaction with a small authority and a small weapon system.

Since it is an SMG, the basic loss is as low as 26. A turret should not be applied as a main gun, including the presence of accessories, and its configured Uzi has nothing else to use as an additional gun.

12. Vector

image 61

Vector – One of the most reliable pistols in this irge. The base loss is 31, which is high for a submachine gun. The weapon’s main advantage is its deadly rate of fire. This weapon

It is also recommended to add a good handle and a slender shop to apply this revolver to the perfect flow. At first, you need time to get used to the return level, as a result, you need to pay attention to this problem.

13. UMP45

image 62

This is something I like unconditionally in all submachine guns. As a submachine gun, the number of bass loss, which can be said to be reckless, is 41, and in fact it is almost the same as some Assault rifles of PUBG. The launch speed is still virtuous, but it is not efficient. This means that you can basically provide your opponent a serious loss without worrying about the yield that does not observe your accuracy.

Hyp o-recoil actually means that four sides can actually be applied for shooting at UMP45 mi d-range. In fact, UMP45 is not surprising in these indicators, which are considered one of the most famous secondary appearance of guns in this IRGE.

PUBG Mobile best shotgun

Shot guns are one of the best weapons for near and mediu m-range battles. There is an invincible damage by distance, and if you use it well, you may be able to shoot any strong armor. However, it is not recommended to use a shotgun as a main gun.

In the first step in the game, when you are looking for the best loot for your character, shotguns have the ability to freeze good options. Here are the best shotguns in this IRGE.

14. S12K

image 63

The basic loss of S12K sets only 24 credits as spraying from shotguns to 4 shots from a shotgun. In addition, you can set this shotgun yourself. By attaching a aim or grip to some extent, you can compensate for an excessive reaction. At the beginning of the game, S12K used almost all players as a shotgun due to the power of the option.

Although it is not a bad gun for the normal state, it is recommended that you customize as much as possible by supporting some accessories. This allows you to ensure the reliability of shotguns in many situations, such as as a secondary pistol.

15. S686

image 64

Looking at the damage, the S686 is quite similar to the S1897. The basic loss of the S686 determines 26 credits, and the speed of shooting is higher than that of the analog. It does not have a large amount of suspension, it can be used in combination with an antelope and a bullet loop. The latter is all good because the S686 strives a lot of time for reloading.

Shot guns cannot be applied in combination with optical aiming instruments, so they are limited, and you will be applied as a secondary gun in the second half of the game. What kind of n

Light Machine gun

In the PUBG small machine gun category, there are a certain number of weapons you want to use for you when using the whole gun. Extended large shops have significant losses. But despite their own names, they are quite annoying and strongly demands that you can clean your gun with a holster so that you are away from the terrible blue zone.

Here are a certain number of the best LMG that can be found in this IRGE.

16. DP-28

image 65

The DP-28 was not immediately from a PUBG veteran player. The basic loss is 51 and the return is quite high. But most players didn’t like the recoiled machine gun, which is now a famous gun for four players.

There is an option to choose a closed-owned DP-28, as this revolver has become one of the best LMGs with the latest update of the game. In order to grow from excellent qualities, it is required to use devices that are advantageous in pairs with him.

17. M249

image 66

The M249 was one of the most famous gun performance in PUBG’s wounded itelation. His return was the best, and the 4 0-point basic loss was not bad for most players. However, the latest update of the game added more accuracy to the M249. His recoil became more luxurious, and in fact he prepared one of the most difficult weapons to use.

At least, the M249 is still a traditional tool, and it is not applied in combination with sites and other devices to eliminate enemies. In order to achieve rational sharing of damage, return, and accuracy, it is recommended to apply it in a combination with a double or fourx site.

Best Sidearms in PUBG

The fact that the revolver is an important equipment is that every Pubg player understands. Revolver is the most necessary satellite in difficult areas that do not require quick thinking and bad reflexes. If you are a PUBG beginner, you should not hide the revolver.

Let’s introduce some excellent revolver bars.

18. R45

image 67

R45 is a wonderful revolver for patient players. It contains a surprisingly increased basic loss of 65 points, and has an option to equip the prefix red dot site. This helps to improve the shooting accuracy of guns, but cannot improve the response. R45 contains a restless response and slow shooting speed.

If your accuracy is higher than the average, we recommend that you apply this revolver. The first one will be enough to do a fatal damage to the enemy before encountering a shooting or recoil task.

19. P1911

image 68

P1911 is a very famous revolver that you can meet on every map of PUBG. Including a large basic loss of 42 points, it is actually much better than several rivals. However, there is no ability to perform flames like that weapon like P18C. And there is an elongated shop to complement P1911.

This revolver remains a footprint that the loss and accuracy will drop exactly by applying a short distance, for example, at a distance of 50 meters or more.

that’s all!

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