Best PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings for more headshots

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For four years, PUBG Mobile was considered part of the main gaming market, during which time the battle royale-game quickly rose in popularity among players.

While traditional match-lovers will be attending this his IRGE to experience the new regime, his ongoing PMGC 2022 is still attracting interest in the game from his Eport supporters, and the match’sThis led to an increase in difficulty in lobbies. As a result for new players you can never really recognize how all sorts of sensitivity options definitely make them better targeting and create more heads andHelps you get more kills.

Tweaking different sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile to hit more headshots

1) Camera sensitivity

You can check the sensitivity of the video camera in the screen sensitivity item. Impeccable video camera sensitivity options allow the user to rotate the in-game ‘eye’ button at their location and own her 360-degree educational program of the environment.

Here are our recommended camcorder sensitivity options.

  • Blind Third Personality: 230-250%.
  • Blind primary personality: 230-250%.
  • Red Buster, Holographic, AIM Assist: 25-35%.
  • 2x scope: 33-45%.
  • 3x visual acuity: 34-45%.
  • Quadruple speed vision ACOG, VSS: 26-31%.
  • 6x vision: 19-24%.
  • 8x vision: about 16-22%

2) ADS sensitivity

The Best AIM Down Sight (ADS) sight sensitivity option gives players the ability to control the gun’s reaction under different sprays. The ad impact in PUBG Mobile works similarly to his other BR-games.

This is how mobile PUBG-users have every opportunity to configure all sorts of ad sensitivity settings to make more heads.

  • Blind third personality: 120
  • Blind primary personality: 105-110
  • Red Buster, Holographic, Aim Assist: 2 percent
  • 2x vision: 3 percent
  • 3x Vision: 24-28%.
  • Quadruple visual acuity ACOG, VSS: 10-30%.
  • 6x vision: about 15-22%
  • 8x vision: 24-28%.

3) Gyroscope sensitivity

In real time, almost every mobile phone has a built-in gyroscope. Thanks to this sensor, players can easily transform their vision from one target to another, tilting their mobile phone device to the appropriate orientation.

Below we will see how mobile PUBG users can set gyroscope sensitivity characteristics.

  • Blind Third Personality: 350-400%.
  • Blind primary personality: 350-400%.
  • Red Dot, Holographic, AIM Assist: 350-400%.
  • 2x visual acuity: 350-400%.
  • Triple vision: 320-350%.
  • Quadruple visual acuity ACOG, VSS: 280-350%.
  • 6x vision: 120-140%.
  • 8x visual acuity: 84-88%.

Ideal PUBG Mobile graphics settings

Graphic options play an important role in all his IRGE in this battle royale genre. Players who set these features up correctly can potentially take advantage of reduced lag during gameplay beyond simply noticing and annihilating enemies quickly.

The following is an educational program with a graphic option that provides all opportunities to realize the best game skills.

  • Graphic: Soft (for lo w-end phones), software (for lo w-end phones)
  • Worker’s frequency: best
  • Style: Bright
  • Smoothing
  • Blind color mode: Normal
  • Brightness: 150
  • Graphics Automatic Adjustment: Disable

By selecting appropriate graphics and sensitivity options, you can feel the number of kills and survival time in conventional sports games.

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