Best Warzone 2 PC settings for higher FPS

Warzone 2.0

If you’re going to make Warzone 2 better, it’s important to use the best options to maximize your FPS and not put yourself at a disadvantage in relation to your enemies. These are the best graphics options for use with Warzone 2. 0 on PC.

Warzone 2 is a fast-paced battle royale game that requires precision aiming and movement to win. But if your computer can do less than his 60FPS, you’re in a wasteful situation.

You don’t need a lane computer to get higher FPS in Warzone 2. Instead, simply use the best PC options described below to ensure the best performance while playing.

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You might think that just moving/removing all options to low power would actually be the easiest, but that’s not the case. Some options will give him a FPS boost when enabled, while others will greatly improve gameplay at the expense of a small overhead of worker frequency.

Best Warzone 2 PC settings for max FPS

monitor settings

  • Monitor mode: unique full screen
  • Monitor Mode: Select the monitor with the highest refresh rate.
  • Monitor Adapter: Make sure it’s your video card.
  • Screen refresh rate: Maximum value for your monitor (144Hz, 240Hz, etc.)
  • Screen resolution: 1080p – 1440p is quite possible with a reasonably high-end GPU, but 1080p delivers sublime FPS every time. 4K lowers his FPS so be careful.
  • Dynamic Permission: Disabled
  • Aspect Ratio: Mechanical (16:9)
  • V-Sync Gameplay: Off – V-Sync has the ability to increase input lag.
  • V-Sync menu. off
  • Custom Frequency Limit Employees: Custom
    • Gameplay Adjusted Employee Count Limit: 300
    • Menu Adjusted employee count limit: 90
    • Blur-adjusted employee frequency limit: 30
    First, make sure your monitor options match the capabilities of your computer and monitor. Function settings
    • It’s a function preset. custom
    • Rendering resolution: 100
      • Scale up/sharpen. Fidelity FX CAS
      • FidelityFX CAS Intensity: 75 – Sharpening processing with low FPS cost
      Here are some graphics-friendly PC choices for his ultimate FPS.
      • Impact and bullet splash. On.- It’s up to you, but almost everyone prefers to be connected for gameplay.
      • Shader Quality: Medium
      • Mosaic Pattern: Off
      • Terrain memory: Max.
      • Stream textures when complaining: Off
      • Streaming quality: low
      • 3D Quality: Low
      • Physical Quality Delay: Low – only affects water
      • Water Corrosion: Off – Affects water only.
      • Resolution Shadow Map: Low
      • Spot Shadow Quality: Low
      • Cache Point Shadow: On
      • Spot Cache: Low
      • Cache Sunshade: On
      • Particle Light: Weak
      • Ambient lighting: off
      • Spot reflection. off
      • Still image reflection quality. low
      • Weather grid volume. off
      • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: On – This setting significantly improves latency. If you are microprocessor bound, use the ON+BOOST option.
      • Depth of field: off
      • Blur World Motion: Off
      • Move Blur Tool: Off
      • Film grain: 0, 00
      Appearance settings
      • Field of View: 100-110 – It’s a matter of taste, but anything under 100 gives the best balance between visibility and performance. Higher values make distant enemies smaller and less visible.
      • ADS Display Background: Affected
      • field of view of the gun. standard
      • 3rd person view field of view: 80-100
      • How to convey the angle of view. standard
      • 1st person camera movement: less (50%).
      • Third Person Camera Movement: Minimum (50)
      • Third-Party ADS Submission: Desired
      • Default visitor camera: Preferred
      How to get higher FPS in Warzone 2 To increase FPS in Warzone 2, make sure you have set your monitor, properties and display settings as above. However, some of these options can be changed as you see fit, but we recommend that you try these options first. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your FPS numbers, there are many other adjustments you can make. Articles appear after ads First, make sure your video card drivers are up to date using the official Nvidia or AMD applications. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on esports, gaming and more. Second, make sure you are not running too many applications in the background. Web browsers, such as Chrome, often hog microprocessor resources and can cause gameplay to load. Finally, the most annoying part, but the quickest and most effective option is to buy a new video card. For that, check out our list of the best graphics adapters here. Check out our other tutorials to learn more about Warzone 2.
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