Dota 2 hero tier list: Best meta picks in every position

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If you are thinking about which Dota 2 hero to be executed directly in the current meta game, it will surely help you by providing great assignments to each list of this level.。

Dota 2 is a tough game with a large number of heroes and 123 people. Heroes are not only different in their skills, but also have a variety of items, and are basically able to play a variety of roles in various scenarios. Apart from this, when a major patch is released, a new hero is often added to the game.

However, the game has not been applied to the game for a long time, and the whole game industry has been waiting for a new meta. Fortunately, Valve approved the other day to present the next major patch of Dota 2 on March 6, the day after the end of Lima Major 2023. It is also said that the new hero “Muerta” will be released at the same time as the patch.

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Of course, this is basically important for DOTA 2 players to be aware of all new heroes and the hero who are actually preparing more strongly. To make this process easier, we have created the best Dota 2 hero list in the current meta. This will surely help you open up the road with a cool leader board.

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  • List of the best DOTA 2 hero: the best heroes of all roles
  • The strongest hero of Dota 2 that can be used in any position
  • Carry (Position 1)
  • Middle lane (Position 2)
  • Offer (position 3)
  • Soft herp (position 4)
  • Hard help (position 5)

The list of dota 2 values is evolving every day, and some heroes are made more than other heroes with a new patch.

List of the best DOTA 2 hero: the best heroes of all roles

to wearMiddle laneForeign laneSmooth helpStrict attention
reachZeusMarsMagician KaiurasMagician = Canival
ureawasherAx (AxMiranaJakiro
MoroheiyaSenderNecrofosWhverTriantepro Tector

The strongest hero of Dota 2 that can be used in any position

You can choose from more than 123 heroes on each day when the metal changes, and choosing the best hero for your team may be a bit confusing. However, the list of heroes above will definitely help you make a wise choice at the start of the omnibus.

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Nevertheless, it is no wonder that the Ti11 regional qualifying is currently being held, so it is no wonder that the top team has a reckless draft to overwhelm his team. However, let’s experience the characteristics of these heroes.

Carry (Position 1)


Later, in the direction of SPECTRE’s patches, she returned again to fear the heart of her enemy, as she was quite average hero. Thanks to Haunt and Shadow Step, her huge presence and recklessly powerful Spectral Dagger can literally avoid her Spectre in the background of the battle.

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In addition, the legal ability of Specter Dispersion is very stable, including the opponent’s hero with the highest damage. In addition, Desslate allows this hero to quickly break the enemy’s heroes. Given these points and the current victory indicators in this IRGE, Spectre has the ability to lead the team to victory in most scenarios.


URSA-One of the most terrible heroes in this IRGE. The combination of “Super Salfer” and “Anglie Wave” has the ability to wipe out enemies in a blink of an eye.

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But that’s not all. Asa is still operable, thanks to the earth shock that emphasizes jumping, in addition to damage and deterrence. If a brink is added to this, its mobility will be wonderful. Apart from this, the reduction of damage caused by engagement is the income in the case of surge.


JuggerNau t-All kinds of gifts are not a very advantageous atmosphere to convert the game to a snowman that is advantageous to your team since the brightest her o-carrier in Dota 2. In addition to applying great physiological damage with the support of the passive function of the blessing and the celebrity Vaddy function, the jaguar note has the ability to freeze the decisive moment unconditionally in a command battle.

However, in today’s meta games, Jagate is made by this powerful blade fury and omnis rush. BLADE FURY emphasizes the protagonist in the magic immunity, and Omnis Rush is forced to completely shake off the battlefield. Not only that, both options give a large loss to those who have fallen under the influence and provide this protection to Jaguar Knota.

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Middle lane (Position 2)


Indeed, Zeus, who was once one of the most powerful heroes of middle comics, but was modified and changed in the latest update, Zeus could be quite scary when began to apply reckless magic damage bursts. There is. Equipped with cruel abilities such as Ark Lightning and Lightning Bolt, it has the ability to exhale all supplies in a short time from the enemy hero arena. Apart from this, “Raijin’s Anger” is one of the most powerful ultimate opportunities in this IRGE, which loses a loss through the map and destroys the opponent.

In addition to his own brutal tools, ZEUS still has the ability to “Sky Jump” and can escape from the tail of the enemy hero. In addition to the basic abilities, AGHANIM’s ZEUS upgrade is considered to be the most powerful in his IRG. Get nymbas and static fields next to it, without such a brutal weapon, prepares very strongly with the current metagham.

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PAK, one of the most unbearable heroes in this IRGE, was selected every time, considering the autonomy of the intermediate band of the meta. However, thanks to Patch 7. 31D, PAK became one of the most selected/ bad heroes in this IRGE. Equipped with three opportunities to ignore enemy gangs, Illusory Orb, Diminishing Gap, and Phase Shift, all of these opportunities have a very low impact, and as a result the enemy hero blocks this annoying hazard. Very difficult.

In addition to abilities, PAK still has some crazy talents, and combined with Dream Coil has all the potential to wipe out the entire enemy team with effective use. The hero can act as a caster, for example, the loss of righ t-clicking is a precedent in the fact that packing packs in a fairly strong election in the current metadark.

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Invoke r-The most difficult and necessary hero to master in dota 2. Instead, he owns 10 odds, and all of them may be activated by the method of combining all kinds of spells.

In addition to changing the battle of tornado, E. M. P., chaosmeteo, and desperation blasts only, you can also kill your opponent with a cold slide or sun strike allone and support ghost walks. The options are endless.

Offer (position 3)


The newly added MARS to this IRGE is the most powerful no n-carrier hero in Dota 2. This hero has a very brutal abilities of MARS spear, God’s reprimand, including the ultimate ability, Blood Arena. However, MARS is not an absolutely aggressive hero, but a protective scenario.

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Except for the ability of the breakwater that has the ability to attract enemy shells to defend your followers, all the other abilities of Mars are easy to avoid their own teams that are not very good, and the enemy’s handker. It may be very useful for the counter, including elementary pure and enemies.

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Except for the culture of CEB, keep in mind that he has lost his status as an excellent of f-runner, and a while ago his ultimate ability AXE is in the middle of the Dota 2 value list. I came back to the center of interest. CULLING BLADE Now he is distinguishing lon g-term bonus armor from of f-runner for successful execution.

In addition, his legal ability battle was incorporated so that AX could act in a more brutal style. However, the “opposite spiral” and “Berserker-slogan” are maintained without changing, and they have all the opportunities to draw and demand Ganki organizations because there is nothing to doubt the enemy hero.

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NECROPHOS is another hero who was able to appear in this review due to the final legal ability changed. Reaper’s sickle is always exposed to the unchanged putberd and mana in exchange for the ultimate death of Necrofos.

In addition, the hero has the highest stability and can handle his followers with the support of destruction momentum. Apart from this, “Heart Statch Auro” and “Fantasy Savan” are very effective opportunities for team battles, and there is a good chance that the flow of the game will be changed to your team.

Soft herp (position 4)

Magician Kaiuras

Skylas mage is dangerous. He has a distant nyuk, arcane bolt, and mixes with delays and concessions. He still has a silence to increase the magical loss, his ultimate, ancient seals to prepare a mysterious flare, and is reckless.

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These odds that are constant is a hero who can prepare it with a huge asset for unity, and is a hero who can weaken the strongest career, and if they are rooted or confused. Can be arranged by supporting Athos’s rod.


Mirana was one of the most famous heroes in Dota 2. Currently, she has been considered a good election for a smooth help, and she has the ability to move the map and hit the opponent with a sacred arrow support. You can apply a “starstorm” to the still confused opponent to apply a larg e-scale burst damage of the magic.

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The standard requires the command to adjust your influence with your friends, apply an “arrow”, and then apply a stunning thing. By doing so, you can actually hit him more effectively at the highest distance. When chasing the opponent, jump up without being shy and use the ultimate technique “Moon Shadow”.


Weaver has proved a very large hero with a smooth help in the current metal drama. All of these may be thanks to the practical levels of Sukuchi, the decrease in armor, and the pursuit of the attack between swamps and mind.

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The horde has the ability to clarify the units that are still invisible, and to acquire Agamanim fragments. This has the potential to be released from the need to buy sentinel and dust in any case. Apart from this, if you get lost, you can apply the ultimate time passing without being shy to rewind the time and avoid enemy traps.

Hard help (position 5)

Magician = Canival

Ogura Magi is the most popular help hero in the current meta-dark. He also fascinated one target with a spell that actually increases the loss in the fire direction, a fire blast support and a blood desire, and he also owns one target, and he also owns the best basis. In fact, he’s actually preparing Intimiders who can trust the parts.

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However, his biggest advantage is the ultimate multicast, and these spells can be applied, like a successful player. It is a good composition with Midas’s hand, bisequet scythe, dagon, Atos rod, other dotted bullet s-the main character ULT.


The tw o-headed dragon Yakiro is a very universal hard support and given to his own Coulier to guarantee a powerful strip. For a while, this hero has some nurse and a very useful delay ability to organize GANCA.

In addition to stunning the opponent with ICE PATH support, JAKIRO has the ability to detain the enemy’s hero with double breath. Apart from this, if the flame like water is considered a wonderful inventory that reduces the enemy’s attack speed, Macropir is one of the most powerful team fighting abilities in this IRGE.

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Triantepro Tector

The trent protector is now a powerful selection as a hard support thanks to his own General Ness, which is invited at the backing stage. The reach sow, the control of nature, and the right wing Camarille’s highest damage are tools without a no n-hit place for threats in Lana.

In addition, the live armor will automatically recover and assign armor to all supporters on the card. She still has the chance to recover the tower. And the last but most important thing is that the ultimate “overglow” is a great help in command battles by breaking through the immunity to spells.

Valv e-Dota 2 Heroes list is based on what your profile player actually plays in your game.

This is a substantial summary of the best Dota 2 hero list in the current metat. There are many other applicants. But we can’t blame what we have wristed-at least in most games.

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