How to fix low FPS issues & stuttering in Warzone 2

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If you suffer from low FPS and crashes in Warzone 2, here’s how to get your PC running at its best

February 21, 2023.

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If you are experiencing low FPS, stuttering, or hung tasks in your Warzone 2 gameplay, there are a few ways to make sure Warzone 2 Season 2 is running smoothly.

After all, the Warzone 2 Season 2 update gives players many new additions to enjoy in the Call of Duty title, including the Asik Island Revival map and new powerful weapons.

If your contributors per second (FPS) are low in Warzone 2 Season 2 and you are unable to enjoy all of this fresh content due to stuttering or hangs, there are a few conclusions that can help you resolve these issues.

  • Get the most out of Warzone 2 PC options
  • Play in full screen unique mode
  • Set Spot Cache to “High” or “Ultra”
  • Enable blurry weapon movement
  • Roll back NVIDIA drivers
  • Configure GPU Hardware Accelerated Scheduling
  • Using NVIDIA DLSS with Warzone 2
  • Scanning and Restoring Warzone 2 Files
  • Reinstalling Warzone 2

Get the most out of Warzone 2 PC options

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If you are not getting the best FPS with Warzone 2, check the best PC options for Warzone 2.

Once you have checked your PC requirements, it is worth making sure you are getting the best FPS on your PC.

Play Warzone 2 in Fullscreen Exclusive mode

Be sure to use exclusive full screen mode, as Warzone 2 has the option to apply the default setting of “full screen mode without box” which can cause problems such as low FPS, stuttering, and stuttering.

Set Spot Cache to High or Ultra in Warzone 2


PC players have found that switching the Spot Cache setting in Warzone 2 to High or Ultra can eliminate stuttering and increase FPS.

While it may be tempting to set everything to “low” to increase FPS, setting the Spot Cache to High or Ultra can almost improve Warzone 2’s performance.

Enable blurry weapon movement

Players may face a very low FPS at the start of a match. This ultimately makes the game look like a slide show. This can be corrected by including a gun move blur.

This setting takes some getting used to, but it also fixes low FPS and stuttering at the start of a match, and can greatly improve staff frequency.

Roll back NVIDIA drivers

Making sure you are using the latest NVIDIA drivers can solve many problems (including crashes), but can be counterproductive for games like Warzone 2. If you are experiencing low FPS or other issues, try rolling back the driver to an earlier version.

  1. Find and open the device manager
  2. [Select Rollback Driver.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. If the background “Roll Back Driver” is not active, you will need to manually submit and then enter the previous driver.
  5. In the same ransom, select “Uninstall Driver” and follow the instructions.
  6. Go to the “GeForce Drivers” tab on the NVIDIA Web site. Com.

Locate your video card.

  1. Install any previous drivers from the list.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Warzone 2 players report mixed results for GPU scheduling with hardware acceleration, and players will see results with both enabled and disabled.
  4. Since it is disabled by default, try enabling GPU hardware acceleration and see if that resolves the issue. If it is already integrated, remember to disable it and see if there is any improvement.
  5. Go to the “GeForce Drivers” tab on the NVIDIA Web site. Com.

Configure GPU Hardware Accelerated Scheduling

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image 3

Right-click on the desktop.

[Select “Monitoring Options.

Scroll down to “Graphics Settings” and click on it.

  1. Enable or disable GPU scheduling with hardware acceleration.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Warzone 2 uses NVIDIA DLSS. This is a scaling that causes Warzone 2 to run at a lower resolution, but gives the illusion of a higher resolution and increased FPS.
  4. If the FPS is lower than it should be, you can try NVIDIA DLSS. The game will not look as accurate as it usually does, but it can be a good sacrifice for better performance.
  5. Go to the “GeForce Drivers” tab on the NVIDIA Web site. Com.

Using NVIDIA DLSS with Warzone 2

[Select Quality, followed by the Zoom In/Sharpness drop-down menu.


  1. Click “More” to see the auxiliary functions that allow you to select “Quality” and “Sharpness”.
  2. If you are experiencing problems with DLSS integrated, consider disabling it or switching to another method such as AMD FSR 1.0.
  3. If your Warzone 2 FPS is lower than other games with similar requirements, we recommend running a scan and repair to find and fix the problem in your game files.
  4. Here is how to scan and restore Warzone 2 on Steam and Battle Just: Scan and Repair the game file in

Steam .

Scanning and Restoring Warzone 2 Files

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image 4

Open Steam.

In the Library, right-click Warzone 2.

Go to Settings and select Properties.

  1. Go to “Local files” and select “Check game file integrity”.
  2. Conflict. Just click on
  3. Click on MBII |WZ. 20 in Battle. just.
  4. [Select the gear icon next to Play.

[Select Explore and Resume.

  1. While we believe this is a last resort and not necessary, we recommend reinstalling the game from scratch in case the scan and repair does not fix the problem. I believe this will reveal any issues that were not fixed by the scan and repair and will fix the slow speed issue.

Reinstalling Warzone 2

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