How to Get the Nuke in Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2.0

Need your first personalized Nuke in Warzone 2? Follow these controls and end your next match early!

Tactical Nukes have always been an exciting feature in multiplayer Call of Duty games, but this year the makers have brought hidden kill sequences to Warzone 2. 0 Stealth Kill Streaks with the ability to end a match quickly with a win.

Tactical Nuke ends a match instantly, but as with multiplayer, the activation process for this kill sequence is completely different. In order for a player to be able to perform 30 kills without dying, the player must fulfill a condition and also fulfill the Quest Champion.

Consider the following scenarios for using Nuke in Warzone 2.0

How to call the Tactical Nuke in Warzone 2.0

image 9
  1. Win 5 matches in a row.
  2. Land or navigate to the yellowish Warzone icon on the map.
  3. Pick it up and begin the Champion Quest, which calls for collecting nukes and wiping out the Warzone.
  4. Collect three substances critical to the tactical nuclear arsenal.
  5. Survive until the bomb bay is found.
  6. Collect the tactical nuclear bomb.
  7. Defend the bomb location for 2 minutes.

As you can see, earning points in MGB is by no means elementary. The first step is to win five matches in a row. Each part of the quest adds an additional barricade.

What is the Champions Quest and how do you get it?

image 10
image 10

Before starting the Champion Quest, you must first achieve 5 consecutive wins in Warzone 2.0; after the 6th download you should get a hint about the Champion Quest. Three spotlight points will be marked on the map.

You can activate the Champion Quest by going to one of the spots. There you will be asked to collect tactical nukes and wipe out the war zone. This will activate the correct steps.

How to assemble the nuke

image 11
image 11

To assemble the Tactical Nuke, you or a member of your squad must collect three substances that are important to collect. Note, however, that you do not have to painstakingly process all of the components, but you will be adversely affected if you possess some of them.

Beryllium – Possession of this substance activates the tracking system. During the rest of the game, possession will be shown to all other players.

Plutonium – Players in possession of this substance will be exposed to radiation leaks. Over time, this fabric is slowly damaged and all nearby supporters are damaged as well. In addition to the damage sustained, the player’s HUD will also be distorted.

Tritium – The player who possesses the substance activates the encrypted radar. The owner gets a distorted mini-map and tactical map.

Arming and defending the Tactical Nuke

image 12
image 12

After all parts have been collected, the player is asked to wait until a bomb field is found.

Once the bomb field is found, the player must go there, assemble a tactical nuke, and defend the bomb from the other players in the 2-minute direction.

If the bomb is defended within 2 minutes, the bomb field will explode and the player who collects the nuke wins the match.

Complete all of these steps to win the championship and wipe out the war zone!

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