How to get your full loadout in Warzone 2.0

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Getting the perfect outfit in Warzone 2.0 has never been more difficult.

You can continue to apply complete custom ammunition in Al-Mazra, and while Gulag isn’t going anywhere, both systems have gone through extensive configuration and their behavior has been tweaked.

Here is your perfect aristocrat on the new equipment system and how to get the absolute best ammo.

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You can no longer purchase your full loadout in Warzone 2

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In Warzone, players had the option to spend $10, 000 on a purchase station to get the perfect outfit with their favorite attacks, secondary items, deadly gear, and perks.

In Warzone 2.0, for example, this is no longer rudimentary. In the store (the new title purchase station), you can only purchase the main weapon of your gear, which costs $5,000, which is affordable enough for relatively early in the game.

The rest can be earned in one of two ways – social events regarding equipment issues, or a Stronghold or Black Sight sweep.

These public equipment sets are dropped into Almazra during the course of the game and may be used by any player. This has the potential to create new gameplay dynamics around these drops as players will fight for access to these sets.

Fortresses are AI-controlled areas that have the potential to win players over early in the game. The first team to complete a fortress must disarm bombs to gain access to dark zone resources and personal ammunition.

Subsequent teams have every opportunity to clear the secondary prochnost by destroying a specific number of lawyers, AI, or players to gain personal ammunition. However, we do not know what causes Black Spots.

Black Spaces are a stronger version of Strongholds, but offer long-term rewards for weapon blueprints and even more valuable rewards. Black Sight resources will only be awarded to one team that has cleared the functional strength.

These configurations mean that players will have quicker access to their main weapon, but will take longer to obtain other equipment. Also, without the “ghost” perk, players may need to rethink their strategy as they will be exposed by the UAV.

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