How to Unlock Ranked Matches in Dota 2 Easily?

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Find out exactly what it takes to play ranked in Dota 2. A quick look at how to play Ranked in Dota 2

We all know that Dota 2 is a very fun game, especially when played with friends. However, most players love his Dota as a competitive game, and the fun of the game comes from learning and improving every day. As a result, Ranked is considered his most famous game mode in Dota.

However, a certain number of claims must be met before a player can assume a ranked role. Now let’s see how ranked matches are unlocked in Dota 2!

Play 100 Hours of Dota

The first and most important requirement a new player must clear to play ranked matches is to play his 100 hours on Dota 2’s Co-op difficulty. This game counts this time only when you actually participate in this game.

That way, you can lengthen the process and give yourself plenty of time before you can play your first Ranked Battles. In reality, we are waiting in real time in the range of 150-200 hours, queue times and selection phases, for example, are not provided by the game.

What game modes can I play?

Luckily, you can play Valve’s official game modes to make ends meet for his 100 hours. The number of unranked games you can play include All Pick, Turbo, Ability Draft, Random Draft and more.

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Why should I play All Pick?

However, it is recommended to play, for example in All Pick games, as this game mode literally becomes the same as a real ranked game. Above all, to improve yourself, learn a certain number of heroes and prepare for ranked matches in All Pick mode instead of other game modes.

By participating in Ranked Battles as an All-Pick, you will be able to certify additional “Hidden MMRs” that determine the value of professionalism in Ranked Battles. Hidden MMR is calculated based on the player’s stats, such as her KDA, and skill groups of other players in the game.

Considering Hidden MMR, most players work hard even in unranked games to achieve higher Hidden MMR and increase their chances of playing the highest value matches and achieving the highest matchmaking rating. You will have to make an effort.

After playing 100 hours of matches, you will need to complete a second application before you can play in Ranked Battles.

The second request is a very simple one that must be completed before the start of Ranked Battles: link your phone number to your Steam account. In order to be eligible to participate in Ranked Battles, he must have 1 Steam account linked to his 1 original phone number.

You can never use one phone number with two Steam accounts.

The process of making this request is actually quite simple. If you set a significant amount of time, eventually the Ranked Battles section will not be closed. There you will see a button to “Manage your Steam Phone Numbers”. Just click it and take the appropriate steps.

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The Steam client should appear and complete the normal steps. Enter your phone number and a certified text message will be sent to your mobile device. For example, don’t worry, this is a one-time proof. Second, a good option Steam requires little additional confirmation for your role in Dota 2’s ranked matches.

Valve introduced this rule to lock down phone numbers, but it’s actually an inconvenience to many players. However, it was made for this purpose in order to reduce the number of Smurf accounts that have a place in this game. However, this doesn’t necessarily lead to predicting the Smurfs from the game, at least it would reduce Dota’s highest-rated players to a lower category.

However, the vast majority of players just need a one-time certificate, so they simply borrow a phone number from their family and create a new Steam account.

Playing 10 Calibration Matches

Completing the above two requests will finally make you eligible to play Ranked Battles. But remember that the first 10 matches were calibration matches and are still popular as placement matches.

Here are some things Aristocrats think are cool about this calibration match.

  1. His first 10 matches in Ranked are all calibration matches. There are no breaks in this match.
  2. This match will determine your ranking.
  3. Your rank will show as “Unranked” until you complete all 10 calibration matches.
  4. Your hidden MMR, stats, match totals, and head-to-head record against enemy teams of different ranks are taken into account for ranking.
  5. After completing 10 games, you will receive 1 of his 8 Dota 2 medals.

Why did Valve add so many requirements?

Granted, it’s a lot of work to pass all these milestones to have a chance to qualify for Ranked Battles, but we believe that these requests really help keep the game healthy. increase.

Assist new players in preparing for ranked play

Dota 2-Perhaps one of the most difficult video games in the world is absolutely good, but it’s not easy to learn what a new player displays on it. As a result, Valve has mandated all players for a minimum of 100 hours, so that new players can handle some review games.

If the number of hours required is reduced, an inexperienced new player who does not know how to play the game will enter the assessment game and reverses the player’s emotions.

Reduce smurf and bought accounts

The biggest task of Dota 2, which has passed a reasonable number of years, is that it is inevitable to have smash bra, implementation, and account acquisition. Forcing a 10 0-hour match on a new account will spend a lot of time on regular games before you encounter a rating system.

This is, for example, because the process will borrow a very large time, it costs a lot of time, so the smurf and booster will push your back from creating a new account. However, Smurf will be violently discovered, all will flow exactly through this process, at least these demands are important to reduce their number.

It is basically basically all aristocrats that you have to cancel the rating match, but we agree that these demands are very annoying and more time to accompany them. We have confirmed that this is the right conclusion that Dota 2 is still healthy.

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