The complete beginner’s guide to Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2.0
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Activision’s Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is one of the most acclaimed online multiplayer games today, blending the vibrant first-person shooter gameplay of COD with the exciting mechanics of the battle royale genre.

If you are not completely familiar with the gameplay of 2, this tutorial will definitely help you figure out how to navigate the Al-Mazra desert with Warzone 2.

The ultimate guide to Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

Like other games in the battle royale genre, Warzone has player lobbies on a large map where you must find weapons and items and fight to be the last surviving human or unit. Al Mazrah practically supports 150 players at a time. support.

If you are unfamiliar with the battle royale genre, each game begins with you and your unit jumping out of a cargo plane and parachuting into a space of your choosing.

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For simplicity, the spaces listed above on the Al Mazra map are considered optimal landing sites. These are known as points or locations of interest and will guarantee you and your party mates the loot you need, at least until you can put on your own boots.

If you happen to land in a hot zone where players are already struggling, you can find more remote unnamed areas where there are still houses and other small ensembles to pick up ammunition.

Mastering parachuting and hovering speed is a necessary part of gaining an early game advantage.

For more information on how to land, check out the best techniques for landing quickly in Warzone 2.0 here.

Safe Zones and Surroundings

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Another point you need to consider when navigating the map is the danger zones. True to the battle royale genre, the map can shrink thanks to a menacing cloud of poisonous gas. You must move to the less dangerous zones, indicated by the white circles on the map. Otherwise, you risk losing.

Warzone 2.0 adds a new mechanism that allows you to divide the Danger Zone into several circles, giving you more flexibility in terms of where you farm during a match. However, this also means that unlike most other battle royale games, the battle zones are reduced in size.

If there are numerous circles, they will eventually converge into one area with no threat and should be ready to move when this occurs.

Movement Mechanism

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Movement is considered key to deceiving the enemy and includes the ability to win the shoot; there are four main movements: full sprint, prone, slide, and jump.

Sprinting (pressing the Shift key/left stick) is typically used to cover long distances and is also a difficult target for nearby enemies. An even faster version, called Tactical Sprint, is activated by pressing a given command twice.

Tactical sprinting increases the operator’s pace, but eventually returns to normal sprinting speed after a few seconds.

In the prone position (left controller/ circular button), you can take cover in bushes or other hiding places to attack unsuspecting enemies. However, there is a risk of freezing to a sitting duck in case someone spots you.

Gliding (key C/ circle while sprinting) definitely helps to change states quickly during combat or while plummeting down a hill. Since you cannot fire while sliding, it is mostly a means of escape to hide in the shadows rather than a means of attacking the enemy.

Jumping (Space/X button) is self-explanatory as a movement mechanism. If you want to climb over a wall and go through a window, walk to the obstacle and press the jump key to initiate the action.

A more advanced mechanism, introduced in Warzone 2,0 is the dolphin dive (circle button during Tac Sprint). This method is very good for jumping to close the distance or to take shelter behind a wall or house.

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If you are looking for a more agile way to get around, teams can use the transportation options scattered around the map. This is very important if you are relying on gaining strength or dropping gear.

All modes of transportation, including electric vehicles, require fuel to run. You can fill your trip with gasoline buses, which you can find on maps and at gas stations. They can still be damaged and should be evacuated at that time.

Below is a table of all vehicles that will travel in Warzone 2.0

Vehicle NameDescription
QuadcopterA maneuverable three-person vehicle with little or no protection.
UTVLightweight all-terrain all-purpose vehicle with seating for four
HatchbackFour-door civilian vehicle without significant protection
Off-road (default)Square frame 4×4 civilian off-road vehicle
GMC Hummer EVFully electric super truck designed for off-road use
Heavy Duty TrucksLow loader heavy industrial vehicles
Light helicopterTwin-engine lightweight helicopter for rapid deployment and military support.
Heavy ShredderHeavy armored search and rescue helicopter
RIVManeuverable dodger boats designed for special forces use
Armored patrol boatReinforced surface gunboat with machine gun caliber. 50 cal.

For more information on navigating the map, the fastest steps are shown below.

How to Steal and Recover Weapons in Warzone 2

Ammunition Boxes

Landing in Al Mazra with nothing but your weapons, you will need to be armed to take the attack.

In addition to looking for items on the ground, you will also find loot boxes containing weapons, ammunition, and supplies. If a loot box is found, a beep will sound indicating that the box can be found.

To find a supply box, walk to the clue and press F (square button). This works for other stashes as well, such as cash registers, duffel bags, lockers, etc.

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There is a fresh backpack mechanic that allows you to plow through more items in addition to the equipment you have.

You can now hoard bullets, armor plates, and various ammunition in case you suddenly find them lying around. To find personal belongings, press the Tab key or the down arrow for players with controllers.

Buying Stations

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Buying Stations are stationery stores that offer items needed for combat for a specific fee. These items can be obtained as a series of kills, armor, and newly dropped items.

While this can be an effective way to obtain items, please remember that the correct purchase station is on the map. We look forward to your prompt purchase.

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