What Is GFX Tool And How To Improve FPS In PUBG Mobile

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If you do not have a gaming smartphone and cannot expect the game function, the GFX tool has a function to increase the number of workers (FPS) per second, and you can actually make game play better. However, it may be difficult to introduce this tool without preparation. Here, I absolutely explain the fact that it is actually GF X-Tool and how to improve PUBG’s FPS.

The GFX tool has a reputation between Android and iOS users. In order to improve the FPS of the most famous IRGE, PUBG Mobile, more computer game players are increasing. The FPS or the number of workers per second is very basic for the smooth movement of the game, indicating the overall performance of games on a specific device. The higher the FPS, the more the game on the terminal will eventually move.

However, an increase in FPS can be a difficult task if there are no clear nobles with important functions of processes and options. Midrang e-Most of the phone reports this IRGE delay and lag on PUBG Mobile, but this tool has the ability to solve this case for many users. For example, users actually reported on some mobile phones with the support of this GFX FPS tool, which increased twice.

And if you’re looking for a way to make a better FPS with PUBG. This note will show the best options that help Gf x-Tool’s theory, installation processes, and freezing professional players.

What is gf x-tool?

GF X-Tool is developed by XDA TSOML members, and that support can be important to create a PUBG game performance on any Android mobile phone.

This is an application for outsiders, and it is completely not blamed to use it in these games like PUBG. More than 10 million people load this application for PUBG from Google Play Store, and this amount increases to a larger range when a continuous load is added.

GF X-Tool not only does the player to release the highest permission of the game and HDR, but also helps a fairly smooth game play with 60/ seconds. Apart from this, this tool can be used for free. You can apply any FPS value and connect to the GFX tool support. But don’t forget that the settings you have chosen are essential to be supported by your mobile phone, there is an option that does not work in other ways.

The lead GFX tool edits the OBB file and the Pubg texture file, and the user can change the graphic option. There are almost all the auxiliary options required to increase the number of default depellators, connect HDR of several devices, and improve the game.

About the introduction and setting method of GFX tools

Installing and starting GFX tools is quite basic. Please take the following steps.

1. Install GF X-Tool from the Play store.

The first thing you need to arrange is to access the Google Play Store. So, search for gf x-tool. Once you find an application, click the Install button and download it to your mobile phone.

Or you can download it directly from this link.

2. Expectations for option / Set function

Next, basically, you need to create an option to arrange the application installation. This is actually a very important share, and as a result, users are required to give a lot of interest. The first thing to meet for you is the version. If you select version 0. 7, you will need to drag and drop for work. However, if you select version 0. 6, you can start the work immediately.

Another small thing that needs to have a case is a graphics option. GF X-Tool supports the ultr a-hig h-precision graphics and access that it was basically difficult. With the support of GFX-TOOL, you can unleash super high-precision graphics and access what it was difficult.

There are still more opportunities to introduce. A higher permission means a smooth function with a more beautiful appearance. As a result, you can choose according to your taste. You can definitely add a method with a saturated value that will help you grow or reduce the brightness of the game.

If your device is still supporting it, you can only connect GF X-tool support and Vulkan Graphics API. The latest mobile device, which has a higher probability, supports it and enables more important game s-skills. For shadows, you forget other options. Smoothing can be connected to get the texture of the game, which sacrifies the number of FPSs. By disabling smoothing, FPS is improved.

You can introduce the maximum sense of FPS, that is, the frequency of people who work in one second. Like permission, higher FPS guarantees the smoothness of gameplay. But higher FPS will consume more energy and lead to thermal slomatic throtling. It is recommended to maintain this parameter to 60fps to achieve a balanced gameplay.

3. Open and accept PUBG

After covering all options, you can find the PUBG and press the accepted options on the screen. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely no t-modest to lean on the “Accept” tab. Once you make this, you will notice the configuration with a smooth and graphic project.

Only this. You are ready to worry about games with many fun. Next, if you succeed in installing and starting the GFX tool, you will be able to play the best resolution and smoother game play.

Optional options for PUBG

We recommend the right options for PUBG for you, for example, these options have brought us many chicken dinner.

Game versionPUBG Mobile for Android V0. 10. 5
Graphic artSmooth HD, soft HD
permission1280 (standard HD)
Fps60 people/ seconds
SmoothingDetached house
Components owned by managementAcquired
GPU optimizationAcquired
Rendering qualityMedium

These are options suitable for the best games, and don’t forget to function in all devices on all devices. As a result, you can study autonomously and know which options are considered better to you.

At least, the options presented here are considered universal, and they have such a huge opportunity to work perfectly on any mobile phone running Android.。

Is gf x-tool illegal?

Yes for a crow. Because it is a strange application that changes the internal file PUBG mobile, it is illegal and prepares the GF X-tool implementation. These games do not allow their own users to change graphic mode like PUBG, but GF X-tools can create them.

More than that, it is said that if the use of a GFX tool that does not follow the standards or proposals is discovered, there is even a possibility of permanent expulsion. However, there were more than 10 million people who actually used this tool on PUBG Mobile, and there was nothing wrong. For the time being, there is no problem.

Also, if GF X-Tool is installed in the Play Store, it may be literally banned.

So basically, the choice is really up to you. It’s up to you to keep talking on the basic version of PUBG and want to act as a regular player with a small delay and low resolution. Or do you want a little risk to improve your game with the support of the GFX tools and the freeze by game experts.


It was all about gf x-tool and it was possible to improve FPS (personnel per second) by applying it. Use it now and don’t be disappointed. GF X-Tool support allows you to enjoy the best game excitement.

If you use GF X-Tool in other games, such as Call of Duty and Fortnite, not only in PUBG, but also in other games, the possibility of victory will definitely increase. Note that there are few risks, but it is a valuable option.

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